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Key contact: Kate Barnard

Phone: +44 7961847528

Email: kate@whatboxltd.com

Website: www.whatboxltd.com

Service: WhatBox helps by demystifying and deciphering the complex funding landscape so that you can package your offering for the best chances of success.

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Collaborative research and development can deliver numerous proven benefits to participants, enabling further growth and delivering diverse impacts. The methodology and tools we have developed are specifically tailored to help you gain clarity and confidence, enabling you to simplify your company’s broader aims into smaller ‘fundable’ challenges.

WhatBox is a knowledgeable and innovative company which facilitate effective partnerships and networks between engineering and science SMEs, academics, and funding solutions. We create high-value commercial reality by working through complex technological challenges and understanding diverse requirements and cultures.

Our extensive practical experience working at the interface of industry, academia and investment over the past 10 years, both in the UK and abroad, allows us to bring your ambitions to life.

We have a very personal style and want to take time to understand what is important to you. Using our experience, extensive network of influential contacts and tools we want to find and secure the right partnerships for you.

We believe in protecting your interests, helping you grow, and showing you the art of the possible. We understand funding routes, the importance of understanding the people and the benefits of long term partnerships. We want to help you achieve your goals.