Key contact: Sébastien Braun, CEO

Phone: +32 476 869 263



Service: Event management software and intranets

Idloom is a digital corporate communications company, providing software solutions and services related to the use thereof to a wide range of companies and international organisations.

Our software:

  • idloom-events: A state-of-the-art events registration platform, designed to help you organise and manage your events (of all kinds: seminars, webinars, courses, meetings, public gatherings and events, trade shows, commercial fairs and shows, etc.) effortlessly through the automation of most processes (creation of a complete multipage and multilingual event website, attendee management, payment processing, badge printing, hotel room booking, invoice generation, on-site check-in, session management, etc.).

  • A complete event CRM system, email campaign manager, and learning management system.

  • idloom-wall: A social, enterprise intra-extranet network, profoundly simplifying the way people connect and work together. The software makes it easy to share content, interact and to collaborate on a never-seen-before level (group collaboration, chats, video conferencing…).

Along with our software products, we offer software-related support and advice, as well as a variety of personalised services.